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Nuru massage

Nuru is an erotic massage that originates from Japan. The word ‘nuru’ stands for ‘slippery’, which perfectly reflects the nature of this type of massage. Large amounts of different types of oils are used to provide the client with an amazing experience. The nuru technique is based on using the whole body to perform the massage. The naked masseuse uses her abdomen, chest, buttocks and hips to rub the body of the person who chose this kind of technique. 

Nuru massage is carried out in an intimate, sensual atmosphere. The massaged person is put into a state of relaxation by means of appropriate lighting (candles) and the professional approach of attractive masseuses who know very well how to satisfy the client’s needs. 

This type of massage is intended primarily for people who feel the need to relax and relieve emotional tension. The nuru technique makes the client feel the closeness of another person, which is extremely important for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Regular massages help to improve both physical and mental condition. 

Oriental massage

Oriental massages have a beneficial influence on the whole human body. With this type of pleasure, the most important factor is to release positive energy and to ensure that the client feels completely relaxed. This procedure makes negative thoughts disappear and allows to concentrate solely on the profits of the moment. 

The technique of oriental massage depends on its type. There are different types of massage: Hawaiian, Balinese, Lomi lomi or Indonesian. Techniques taken from Eastern countries have healing properties. They have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, stimulate the blood circulation and help to get rid of any muscle tension. The massage takes place with the accompaniment of ambient music which, combined with the scent of essential oils, brings amazing effects in the form of intensified sensations resulting from the applied massage techniques.

Oriental massage can be enjoyed by anyone suffering from chronic fatigue and muscle or back pain. By using techniques borrowed from physiotherapy, one may experience the effect of regeneration of the whole body. Feelings of anxiety and fear are eliminated. The mental and physical state of the person who has decided to undergo this treatment improves considerably.

Tantric massage

The most important aim of tantric massage is to make the person being massaged completely comfortable. This technique was created to raise awareness about corporeality and how the perception of one’s own body affects the quality of one’s whole life. A healthy relationship with one’s own body and acceptance of each of its features is one of the most important factors in building self-confidence, which plays a significant role in every sphere of a person’s life. 

Tantric massage involves massaging the whole body, including the intimate areas. The right touch brings relaxation and concentration to the pleasure experienced. What is important here is to work consciously with the breath. Thanks to the techniques used by the masseuses, the person being massaged becomes open to all sensations and emotions felt.

This type of massage is designed for people who want to focus on building a healthy relationship with their own body. Accepting own sexuality helps to understand that no one should be ashamed of their body, whatever its features. Tantric massage has a positive influence on the mental sphere, but also on the physical one – it relieves all tensions in the body.

Tao massage

Tao massage is also known as Thai massage. It is a so-called deep massage – it reduces the tension of all the muscles and makes them completely relaxed. However, this treatment does not cause pain. On the contrary, the technique used is a source of pleasure and allows the rejection of negative energy. 

During a Thai massage, the person being massaged takes different positions. He or she can lie on their stomach, on their back or on their side, or sit up. Changing positions makes it possible to experience a variety of sensations. The masseuses use not only their hands but also other parts of the body, such as the elbows, knees or forearms. The techniques used during massage stretch the muscles. Pressing on different parts of the body is a common practice.

Tao massage is an excellent choice for people who spend a large part of their day in a sitting position However, it works well not only for this group of clients, but also for anyone who wants to experience unforgettable moments of relaxation in a massage parlour.

Massage for couples

Massage for couples is intended for people who want to spend time in the company of a beloved person. A visit to Strefa Masażu is a great idea for a date or a gift to your partner. 

Massage for couples can be performed in a variety of techniques, depending on the preferences of those who have chosen this type of pleasure. We use special oils and offer a cosy parlour adapted to the situation, which provides a sensual ambience. The couple is introduced into an intimate environment that helps to relieve stress and to feel only positive emotions.

Taking part in such a treatment allows not only to calm down and relax, but also to build intimacy with your partner. Sharing pleasure has a beneficial effect on building a relationship with another person. Romantic moments spent in a massage parlour let you focus solely on the emotions you feel, without having to think about everyday life. 

Relaxing massage

The aim of a relaxing massage, as its name suggests, is to put the person in a state of complete relaxation and peace. The person being massaged should feel comfortable and calm their thoughts. The ambience inside the massage room is relaxing and allows you to get rid of stress and forget about the worries of everyday life. 

This type of massage can be based on different techniques. The masseuses, for example, caress, press or knead particular body parts. The most important aspect is that the client should feel no pain, only pleasure and the gradual elimination of any anxiety that has accumulated in their body throughout the day.

Relaxing massage is most often chosen by people who live a fast-paced life. The modern pace of life creates tensions in the body and leads to unfavourable changes in the organism. The techniques used for relaxing massage help to reduce the negative effects of stress on the body and mind. 

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